Figure 8 Paint Set

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Figure 8 Paint Set.

Brand new kit featuring 8 colors for your painting pleasure !

Garablu - A nice blue metallic in homage to the kaiju "Garamon" 

Coppah - A Copper metallic that provides a great color to expand your pallete.

Gream - Metallic green that is perfect for all your needs.

Dental - Solid Blue matched from the dental industry called "Dental Blue"

Shot Caller - Teal metallic that really gives a unique look.

Raizin - Metallic brown with a warm tone. Matched to an actual raisin.

Mental - Solid Blue tone that is a cousin of "dental" These go perfect together.

Lye-Laq - An old one we've had kicking around. Solid Magenta tones with a punch !

Includes Clear Coat. 

**USA Ground Shipping ONLY**

**USA Ground Shipping ONLY**


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